3 Unexpected Tips to Make the Perfect BBQ

3.) Keeping The Patty Moist

Mayo, ice chips, and more butter will keep your burgers at a moist and flexible state. It’s pretty easy to become distracted when you’re barbecuing something on the grill. However, if you take a couple of minutes to carefully prep your burgers, you’ll keep them from cooking too much while you run to back to get a popsicle or run to the fridge for another beer. Blending one or two tablespoons per pound of ground beef will make burgers extra soft. If the problem is making sure that the burger remains medium or medium-rare, place a piece of butter or a piece of ice in the middle of the burger to make sure it stays nice and pink.

2.) Wood Plank

Wood planks are essentially what they sound like: they are planks of wood. They are literally thin slices of hardwood, and then they are used as a pan of some sort for grills. They allow the food to stay safe from the direct flame and grates, and they extract the flavor of the wood into the dish that is cooking. You can get a whole catalog of different wood flavors, each with its own unique flavor and all you have to do if you want to know what flavor the wood is just give it a smell! My own favorite wood is cherry, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Heck, if you are lucky enough to have some fallen hardwood on your property, you can even cut yourself a grilling plank!

1.) Grill Fish on Lemons

Grilled fish is so scrumptious, but it has the tendency to stick to even oiled-up grates or, even worse, fall right through the slats and end up burning to a crisp all along the coals. You can stop this mistake by adding a load of extra flavor by placing your fish right on top of lemon slices to add a solid, charred smokiness + explosion of citrus flavoring to your fish. There are two different ways to do this: you have the option of either using squeezed-out lemon slices (there are almost always a ton left lying around after prepping for a BBQ, whether you were making some vinaigrette or drinks. You also have the option of using whole citrus slices for charring and use the whatever’s left of the yummy juice on top of your fish or veggies.

Some people might just complain and protest that the lemons are tasting a little fishy, but no fish lover should have to worry about that.  If this might bother some of your guests, just skip that option and try to go with the squeezed-out slices instead of using whole slices. This trick is really great for a big seafood party and is actually used in the kitchens of most seafood restaurants throughout the world. So next time you’ve got some fish lovers over, remember this trick when you reach into the fish to grab some lemons for flavoring.

If you want to learn how to perfect barbequing a burger, watch the video below!