About Me

Hello everyone, I’m Bill and this is my website about everything you need to know about barbecuing. From the best barbecue places to tips on how to perfect your food on the barbecue. I am recently retired and my wife wanted me to find some hobbies so I thought why not write about one of my favorite hobby’s and call that a hobby as well. I grew up on a farm so my entire life I was a big meat eater and milk drinker. We always had big family barbecues every Sunday and I have continued that tradition. My father taught me when I was a teenager how to barbecue and grill meat and taught me all his tricks. Since then I have learned my own tricks and started smoking meat as well. I don’t think I have a favorite but it all depends on the type of meat and the taste I’m going for. I like to grill my steak, barbecue my chicken, and smoke my tri-tip. And again, it all depends on my taste preference for the night and what kind of food I’m going to be eating with it. I hope you guys learn some useful tips that help you out!