Top 5 Best BBQ Restaurants in the United States

5.) Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que is located inside the minimart of a gas station. If this place could have its own cooking mantra, you could bet it would be “low and slow.” Visitors can be seen in a long line waiting for their number one hit,  the burnt ends sandwich as if this is their favorite nourishment of the week. It takes up to 15 hours until the brisket fully smoked — and that is just slow enough to guarantee that it will come out as a crispy, caramelized piece of art but also it happens to be such a long process that the restaurant is only able to serve this delicious sandwich three days a week.

4.) Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que

 If there could be only one way to explain what this place’s barbeque chicken tastes like, it would be Finger-lickin’ good. The mouth-watering restaurant that will leave you with some sticky fingers is located in Decatur, Alabama. The key to their barbeque chicken is its zesty, mayonnaise-based white sauce that actually dates back to the 1920s when Big Bob made it big for his very first time. They serve the chicken once the meat is so ready it’s falling off the bone. After that, the chicken takes a dive into some chicken fat and begins to smoke in a hickory-stocked barbecue pit.

3.) Skylight Inn BBQ

Take a step into the kitchen at Skylight Inn BBQ in Ayden, North Carolina, and you’ll discover no other than Mike “Chopper” Parrott. Watch him double fist two meat cleavers as he prepares The Pork Plate with fierce concentration. Parrott mixes the whole meat — succulent from a smokehouse filled with fresh-cut white oak logs — with crispy, chip-like pork skin. This tasty dish is served plain and simple with a side of coleslaw and cornbread.

2.) Killen’s Barbecue

 Visitors will wake up early in the morning just to claim a spot in a three-hour wrap-around line that begins at Killen’s Barbecue in Pearland, Texas. When 11 a.m. comes around, they’re biting into that smoked brisket: a slab of meat with a perfectly crisp, black “bark” outside and succulent inside. For the legendary dry rub, owner Ronny Killen adds in Tellicherry black pepper from India and grinds it down three sizes before mixing it in with other bold spices.

1.) The Bar-B-Q Shop

Although Daddy Frank’s dry rub skill has made The Bar-B-Q Shop’s tender pork ribs ideal, the actual secret is what’s in the sauce. The amazing barbeque spot is located in Memphis. It shuts the door of the kitchen in order to mix the vinegar based Dancing Pigs Sauce that is available either mild or hot. Be warned, though, spice seekers: You may tear up and break a sweat if you order this hot. This sauce does not only make the pigs dance, but it is also known to make taste buds dance, as well.

Learn more about The Bar-B-Q Shop in the video below!